How to Burn Camera Videos to Blu-ray for Families?

Sothink HD Movie Maker

Sothink HD Movie Maker is a powerful Blu-ray burner. It can convert any videos to High-definition (HD) Blu-ray movies and burn into DVD or Blu-ray Disc. Almost all kinds of videos are supported by HD Movie Maker including WMV, MKV, AVI, DivX, XviD, MPEG, MP4, QuickTime Movie, Real Video, H.264/AVC, M2TS, etc, which can be coded to the high definition videos and be viewed on Blu-ray players (including Sony PlayStation 3).

Sothink HD Movie Maker

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How to Burn Camera Videos to Blu-ray for Families?

How to Burn Camera Videos to Blu-ray for Families

Did you always record scenes with your high-def video camera on family or wedding or other parties, and want to watch it anytime? Would you like to back up precious holiday memories as high definition discs? It will be also great to enjoy them with high quality and large screen, for example, to watch them on your HDTV.

Here is a tutorial illustrating how to convert camera videos to Blu-ray movies and burn it on Blu-ray Discs.

What You Need:

High-def Camcorder: or called HD Video Cameras, used to record HD videos for fun, such as Sony HDR-XR100E and Cannon HF200.

One piece of blank Blu-ray Discs: Insert a blank Blu-Ray disc into the computer's drive.

Blu-ray Disc Burner: Sony unveils BWU-100A Blu-ray burner, for example.

Blu-ray Burning Software: Sothink HD Movie Maker


Step 1: Transfer Camera Videos to PC

Attach the camera to PC and transfer the video from the camcorder into PC.


Step 2: Add and Edit Video

Add Files

Launch Sothink HD Movie Maker. Selecting "Add Files" from File in the Menu or directly clicking button "Add Files" on the Toolbar, a dialog pops up for choosing movie files to the program. You can add more than one movie file at one time.

 Add Files

Trim Video

There is a window on the bottom of the program for previewing the video added in. You can click button “Play” to preview your source video and, if you just want to burn a part of video content into Discs, you may realize it with Trim function:

Select the video you have added into the program, go to "Edit" - > "Trim" function, and then you can decide which part can be burnt by dragging the left/right slider to set start/end time.


As the picture showing above, drag the left triangle to a position you want it be the start of the converted video and drag the right triangle to a position you want it be the end of the converted video. Then the video will be trimmed before being converted.

Set Disc

After you've finished adding files and editing video, it's time to set the recording parameters and burn to disc. This is the tricky part, as it's the only step of the process where things can go very wrong.

Go to General Settings or Advanced Settings panel and do some settings for the disc.

Under tab "Settings", there are four general setting items in the Settings panel:


Target disc size: Click the arrow and select the target disc size from the drop down list.

There are four options: "DVD-5 (4.7G)", "DVD-9 (8.5G)", "BD-25 (25G)" and "BD-50 (50G)". Since it is to burn the video on Blu-ray Disc, here choose “BD-25” or “BD-50.

Tip: If the video size is less than 8.5G, you may burn the video onto DVD and create AVCHD movie on DVD discs, which also needs to be played on Blu-ray player.


Disc label: Write the label here for the disc.

The default label is the current date. Here you can input other words for the disc.

Video dimension: Click the arrow and select the target video dimension from the drop down list.

There are three options: "1280*720", "1440*1080" and "1920*1080".

Video frame rate: Click the arrow and select the target video frame rate from the drop down list. There are two options: "25 (PAL)" and "29.97 (NTSC)".

Tip: "PAL" (short for Phase Alternating Line) and "NTSC" (short for National Television System Committee) are the two standards of TV broadcast.

If you are advanced users and familiar with video code, you may set more parameters, like Bit rate, frame rate, zoom mode and channels, for your Blu-ray Disc under Advanced Setting panel.


Step 3: Start Video Burning

Make sure the checkbox besides the video file(s) you want to burn is been ticked. If there is none movie ticked, the program prompts when starting burning. When all the checkboxes are ticked, the movie files added in will be burned following the order of the file list.

Select "Burn" from File in the Menu or directly click button "Burn" on the Toolbar, and then it starts burning:


Note: If there is no disc in the drive, it pops up a dialog for prompting and HD Movie Maker automatically creates a folder for saving temporary files.

The burning function requires Windows XP SP2/Windows Vista SP1 or above versions. If the system doesn't meet the requirement, HD Movie Maker will automatically create a standard folder to store the generated Blu-ray movie.

Sothink HD Movie Maker supports multiple CPUs and multiple core CPUs, and supports concurrent conversion for multiple videos with high speed, so if your computer has multiple CPUs and multiple core CPUs, you may go to Options-Encoding dialog and choose the maximum number of CPU cores to make burning faster.


Step 4: Play Blu-ray Disc

When the burning is completed, you may enjoy the high-def BD video on HDTV with various Blu-ray players, for example, Sony PS3.

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By Editor
With a few clicks and a couple of minutes you have Sothink's new HD Movie Maker installed on your PC. Restart computer and there you have it: a cool utility to enhance your movies. Open the program, load a file (it supports nearly all video formats) and your high-definition movie is automatically encoded. HD Movie Maker has a very simple and easy-to-use interface, so even a complete beginner can get the job done...

By Rob Boirun
The first thing I noticed about this software was the well laid out interface that didn't look to overly done. Everything is where is needs to be... The ease of use and final video quality of the discs are what is impressive of HD Movie Maker. So far this is one of the easiest HD Video apps I have used this year.

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