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Make High-Definition movies and Blu-ray movies with ease!

Sothink HD Movie Maker is a powerful Blu-ray burner. It can convert any videos to High-definition (HD) Blu-ray movies and burn into DVD or Blu-ray Disc.
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How to use Sothink HD Movie Maker?

Start Blu-ray Burning and Enjoy High-def Videos on HDTV!!!

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Sothink HD Movie Maker Supported Formats:

Video to Blu-ray Disc (BD-25/BD-50)
WMV to BD-25/BD-50
MKV to Blu-ray movies
AVI to Blu-ray Disc (BD-25/BD-50)
DivX to BD-25/BD-50
XviD to Blu-ray movies
MPEG to Blu-ray Disc (BD-25/BD-50)
MP4 to BD-25/BD-50
MOV to Blu-ray movies
QT to Blu-ray Disc (BD-25/BD-50)
RM to BD-25/BD-50
RMVB to Blu-ray movies
M2TS to Blu-ray Disc (BD-25/BD-50)
MTS to BD-25/BD-50
M2T to Blu-ray movies
Video to AVCHD (BD5/BD9)
H.264/AVC to BD-25/BD-50
Video to BDMV
Video to BD-25
Video to BD-R
Video to BD-5
Video to BD-50
Video to BD-RE
Video to BD-9

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By Editor
With a few clicks and a couple of minutes you have Sothink's new HD Movie Maker installed on your PC. Restart computer and there you have it: a cool utility to enhance your movies. Open the program, load a file (it supports nearly all video formats) and your high-definition movie is automatically encoded. HD Movie Maker has a very simple and easy-to-use interface, so even a complete beginner can get the job done...

By Rob Boirun
The first thing I noticed about this software was the well laid out interface that didn't look to overly done. Everything is where is needs to be... The ease of use and final video quality of the discs are what is impressive of HD Movie Maker. So far this is one of the easiest HD Video apps I have used this year.

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